Method 6: Uninstall KB952287

Apparently after installing this hotfix, many users have experienced the dreadful atikmdag error. To uninstall: control panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall KB952287.

8 Responses to “Method 6: Uninstall KB952287”

  1. Daniel Gonçalves Says:


    It worked for me!!! (By this point I has halready unistalled so many things that I was almost getting discouraged….

    Althought it still crashed one more time after restart, now it’s working fine for hours (much much better than before).

  2. admin Says:

    glad to hear it. 😀

  3. judy555a Says:

    Did not work for me.

  4. MJ Says:

    i accidentally clicked cancel in the middle of uninstalling, now I can’t find the update in the “installed updates” folder, but I don’t believe that it actually uninstalled. Where can I find the update/what do I do?

  5. admin Says:

    if its not in the installed updates, then it should be gone

  6. MW Says:

    Worked Like a Charm!!! Thanks for the help.

  7. 12y01m31d Says:

    Installing or uninstalling operating system database components will not affect a display related problem.

    Neither does removing a program (such as DreamScene) resolve a display related problem; merely avoids triggering it. The same can be achieved by simply not starting/using the event-triggering software.

  8. Gary Says:

    Nope. I’m losing patience. Deleted ATI catalyst too.

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