Method 4: Use windows default drivers.

This is a personal fix for me, so far I have received way less atikmdag messages. Basically goto your “Programs and Features” and uninstall the ati driver. Then on next reboot, Windows should automatically install the windows default nvidia drivers for your card.

4 Responses to “Method 4: Use windows default drivers.”

  1. Gringoloco Says:

    And wouldn’t windows install the default ATI drivers for the card? Hey would I be able to play games with this method?

  2. admin Says:

    You will be ablet to play games with this method.

  3. Chii Says:

    My directX9 is dead when i did this, i can’t play games. Wanna explain why? Thanks

  4. admin Says:

    what do you mean your directx9 is dead? directx9 is a software layer. windows vista and up has directx10 installed by default.

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