Method 3: Misc fixes.

  1. Downclock your video clock speeds and/or ram speeds.
  2. Try a different set of ram sticks in your computer.
  3. Run memory tests overnight (Google memtest for free memory testing software). I’ve found Prime95 to be quick in finding any bad memory sticks you may have.
  4. Turn off Aero theme (control panel -> Personalize -> Theme -> Windows Classic
  5. Administrative tools > Task Scheduler > Scroll down till you see TMM. Double click ‘TMM’. Right click it and select disable.
  6. Install better cooling solutions to your video card/case.
  7. Right click a shortcut to whatever game you are running -> properties -> compatibility mode -> set it for Windows XP. Then run the game.

One Response to “Method 3: Misc fixes.”

  1. Jagan Says:

    Clock speed is my #1 fix.

    My brand new, badass laptop, wouldn’t run DOOM 3, which is a few years old now. Frankly, I was ticked, my specs say I should be able to slap DOOM 3 around and call it Susan. After much reading and a handful of crashing, I grabbed a clock tool for my ATI.

    I also read that other laptops with the Radeon Mobilty HD are underclocked from the manafacturer. I found mine to be set to 100 for the GPU & 400 for the RAM, instead of ATI’s suggested 600 & 700! Toshiba underclocked the card so much it couldn’t handle the game.

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