A little bit of info on the atikmdag error.

I want to share a little about what I’ve learn from this driver error. The main culprit for me was the Fusion HDTV 5 TV tuner which had a “Power Up” cable that I plugged onto the motherboard. After installing that TV tuner, I’ve started receiving errors while watching movies, but never during games. Once I pulled the “Power Up” cable out, everything was back to normal. Compare this with what others are experiencing, most people get the error while playing WoW (World of Warcraft) or other heavy graphical games. It’s obviously something different that’s causing the problem. My point I’m trying to make is that the atikmdag error isn’t a specific error. It’s a generic error message that applies to most display problems. It’s basically saying “Something caused your video card to crash…” whether it’s ram issues, overheating issues, or simply a bad video card… So there isn’t a single permanent fix, just many fixes for many different causes. Also, it isn’t just an ATI problem, nVidia receives the same error in the form “atikmdag stopped responding and has recovered.” Some people have reported that switching over to ATI seemed to have worked for them. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t matter if you have ATI or nVidia. It worked for them mainly because they had a bad video card and got a new one.
Also, you might be asking: When I install XP, everything is fine, but in Vista, I get this error. This is a sign that the problem most likely doesn’t lie in the hardware, but the software. A fresh format on your computer may do the trick.
Hopefully that explains a lot. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. joshua05 Says:

    Vista Only Fix:

    I have found that there is currently no way to permanently cure the problem besides buying a completely different card, but it is treatable.

    When you notice your screen starting to freeze, symptomatic that the error will be coming soon, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete (which takes you to a one-monitor menu)

    Just hit cancel, and return to computing as normal.

  2. CentiMan Says:

    Lower your preOC radeon clock to default reference card clock using Riva Tuner.

    Sorry,my english is bad..

  3. Elfwhisper Says:

    Hi people.

    I have the same problem but i can’t istall Windows XP because i have a computer HP with VISTA integrated :(

    Any idea?

    happy year people from italy

  4. miroslav Says:

    For me, driver problem was there immediately with new computer.
    Windows 7 64-bit, motherboard ASUS M4A78T-E (integrated ATI Radeon 3300 HD), 2x2GB RAM. Latest drivers (Catalyst 9.12). Finally my diags went down to memory sticks. If one removed, second one shown serious problems (sometimes unable to boot, memory tests fail etc…). Using only functional one got rid of atikmdag problem as well.

  5. Andy Says:

    Uninstall “Visual C++ 2008 Redistribute” and you will solve this annoying problem!!!

  6. Zack Says:

    Joshua05, I can’t thank you enough. I just tried your solution and so far, it seems to be working perfectly! My old solution for avoid a crash was to unplug the monitor and then wait for a while (a day or so) after letting the computer sleep and then plugging it back in and hoping. This seems to work great! Thanks a ton!

  7. Mike Denney Says:

    I solved my BSOD with ‘atikmdag.sys’ flashing on it before reboot, but only by buying an add-on video card from Newegg. I may never completely understand where my problem came from–I only know it just ‘began’ happening for no apparent reason, after my custom HTPC ran solidly without issue for more than a year.
    It ran Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium for almost 16 mos. with no problems whatsoever, and well over four months without issue after I learned how to successfully remap all the local cable channels to get WMC to function well as a ‘freevo’ centerpiece (as it had before our local digital cable conversion, for nearly six months then as well).
    Then one day it just began freezing every time (and only when) I tried using WMC to watch ‘Live TV’ (after later OS reload attempts, it even began developing problems freezing up just playing DVDs, or previously recorded TV shows).
    So, after trying everything from RAM stick repositioning to fan installations, to switching from Win7 to Vista, then back to Win7 (but this time, 64-bit), nothing worked…until I finally broke down, accepting the possibility that my MS-7411 motherboard had begun developing some capacitor problems, and bought the replacement card for it.
    Now everything is running smoothly, video better than ever, and now that I’ve spent the necessary 4.5 hours to remap my local 70-channel cable lineup properly, I’m using it again to watch live TV, record shows, and watch any movie I rent or own.
    So, the question still remains…what the hell?
    I post this here because this site helped me understand the broadness of scope of this particular error message, and so helped me ‘give up’ on some possibilities that were nagging at me regarding potential problems brought over by some sort of incorrect ATI video update that might have come over from Microsoft Updates and replaced my working driver with a malfunctioning one.
    It’s too bad that so many people are forced to hunt down their own unique problem, condition, or circumstance that is causing this error, because it is apparently one of the most generic error messages in all of ‘BSOD-dom’.
    I’m now going back and posting my experience and MY solution to the various threads I came across during my quest to resolve this one, in hopes somebody with similar conditions might find it even PART of their solution.
    My card was around $40, and I hated to resort to this, because of the strange (to me) and sudden appearance of my error, but it had become so frequent (requiring forced-shutdown nearly every boot), that I felt it necessary, even though my budget is very small (esp. for ‘sudden mystery’ PC ailments, for which I have no time, and routinely blame Windows Updates, esp. when involving the combination of M$ updates + ATI).
    The side-benefit is that I’m sure my lousy Windows Rating will go up, as per their lousy self-initiated system that was created to force idiots like me into buying expensive video cards (I mean, come on, a baseline mean score using two types of graphic card characteristics? How lopsided is that?)

  8. So obvious Says:

    I was beginning to pull my hair out trying to find a solution to this problem, turns out it had nothing to do with any software or anything, it was a simple overlooked thing,my graphics card has 2 power connectors and when you plug them into the graphics card it appears as if they are plugged in but really they are not and you are supposed to make sure that they click in place and lo and behold one of these connectors was loose, which meant I kept experiencing crashes and artifacting on screen when doing heavy 3d gaming. The typical symptom of a graphics card not getting enough power. Make sure your connections really do connect!

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